The School for Social Entrepreneurs: Sylvia Pearson

Over the last ten years or so one of my quietly favourite things has been to work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Particularly with Sylvia Pearson and Lisa Mairah. I say quietly because I write very little about it, as this work has been about helping people get their enterprises going. Which is a delicate thing requiring quiet help as all of us involved are working inside people’s dreams. Something which Sylvia has always been particularly superb at doing.

Sylvia retired on Friday night at Blackburne House here in Liverpool. So here are my photographs as she begins a new phase of her life.

Well done and thank you Sylvia.
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Liverpool essentials: TJ’s and Abakhan

TJ's in the mid 1990s, with pigeons.
TJ’s in the mid 1990s, with pigeons.

Two major Liverpool institutions in one day? Yes, it can be done. We’ll be visiting a few others before the day’s out too, so let’s go!

This is what me and Sarah call a ‘Saturday Ramble’ these days. A bit like the Friday Walks, but at some point Sarah usually does one of her ‘shopping exhibitions’ – as she will today. These rambles happen to give Sarah a deliberate day off from her funeral work. A lightly planned ramble where we go where our feet take us.

Beginning just off London Road.
Beginning just off London Road.
At Sarah's beloved Abakhan.
At Sarah’s beloved Abakhan.

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“Let us then try what love will do”

In town today I picked up my copy of a new magazine I’d been looking forward to seeing and decided to find somewhere quiet to go and look through it. Thinking of ‘quiet’ reminded me that the Liverpool Quakers have just opened a café in Liverpool One, near to The Bluecoat. So that’s where I went.

In School Lane.
In School Lane.

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