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2012: Friday Walks, Walking with Rachel

For Rachel Cheetham

In a time of sorrow there is comfort in ritual, in doing the familiar. 

Our friend from New Jersey, Rachel, has often seemed to be out on our walks with us. As we’ve filmed them or photographed them to show to her during times when, as she’s said ‘My world is so much smaller now.  I spend so much of my time dealing with all things cancer, so I need to hear about the kinds of experiences that don’t involve doctors, hospitals, tests, treatment or otherwise.’ So we have shown her Liverpool and the Wirral and further afield, as we have regularly gone out walking and camping over the last year. Last week, in fact, as well as the photographs you saw in my walk report, we made a film for Rachel, to cheer her up when, as we confidently expected, she emerged from yet another hospital experience. Well, obviously, she never got to see that one, as she died in hospital this last Monday from metastatic breast cancer.

Leaving the house

So today, with Sarah being over in New Jersey, I decided to continue with our tradition of ‘seeming’ to have Rach with us, by taking her on a walk I don’t think we’d ever shown her.

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