In the neighbourhood: Books and bread

Off in a different direction to a different library than my usual ones, for a book I particularly want.


I’ve just finished reading ‘May we be forgiven’ by American novelist A.M. Homes. After an uncertain start where I mainly stuck with the book on the advice of Jeanette Winterson who’d said:

“This is the great American novel for our time”

I then got completely involved in the story and am subsequently looking in the back of this novel for what else she’s written. That’s where I find out about ‘The Mistress’s Daughter’.

“On the day that she was born in 1961, A.M. Homes was given up for adoption. Her birth parents were a twenty-two-year-old woman and an older, married man. Thirty-one years later, out of the blue, they tracked her down. ‘The Mistress’s Daughter’ is a riveting account of what happened next.”

Yes, this one’s not a novel, it’s a memoir. I check in the catalogue of Liverpool City Libraries and find I can pick up a copy of the book in three libraries. Continue reading “In the neighbourhood: Books and bread”

Thank you for the days

Back in Liverpool now, Saturday dawns sunny and we have our second joint run of the week.

Running round the lake we see all seven cygnets and both remaining goslings (yes, down to two as of a week or so ago) with their parents, all well. No photos of course, we were running after all. (See Sunday update at the end of this post.)

Then early afternoon Sarah wants to go to town for various ‘bits’ and me and the camera come along too.The Days01

We catch the 86 bus outside Antwakki's Bazaar down on Smithdown Road.
We catch the 86 bus outside Antwakki’s Bazzar down on Smithdown Road.

Now from here to town we’ll recreate one of Liverpool’s greatest pieces of cultural heritage, Continue reading “Thank you for the days”