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Up the Staircase from Wigan: Walking to Leeds, Section 5

Several weekends on from our last walk, here’s the next instalment of what we intend to be a complete walk of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Beginning where we intend today’s walking to finish.

Here at Chorley.

We’ve moved well beyond Liverpool’s local transport now, so we’ve driven to where we will finish and from now on will use the local transport of wherever we are to get back to the day’s startpoint for the remaining stages of our canal walk.

So we walk across town to Chorley’s splendid bus station.

And catch the bus to Wigan.

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The Road to Wigan Pier: Walking to Leeds, Section 4

The fourth section of our walk along the whole of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

This time we’re going to be walking from Burscough, where we left off last week, all the way to Wigan. Though in fact our journey begins where it will end, at Wigan. (Now we’re walking a good way away from home we’re beyond local Liverpool transport and so are driving to where we’ll finish each day and using their local transport to get to where we’ll walk from.)

So here we are in Wigan.

Where our walk will end later.

On a quiet Sunday morning in a beautiful place.

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Into Lancashire: Walking to Leeds, Section 3

After a month’s gap due to bad weather, colds and sea Kayaking (not me) our walking along the Leeds Liverpool Canal continues on a beautifully sunny and warm spring day, the Saturday before the clocks go forward.

We’ve both missed this time together and are glad to be back where we left off.

Here at Downholland Cross, by the Scarisbrick Arms.

Both fortified by some hand made Welsh fudge from our friend Jayne.

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Out of Liverpool: Walking to Leeds Section 2

leeds-liverpool-2-65On the bus from the centre of town then, back to where we left off at Wally’s Steps for the second section of our walk from here to there along the whole of the Leeds Liverpool Canal. 127 miles to Leeds with 119 to go. Today we’ll cover the 8 miles from Aintree to Downholland Cross.leeds-liverpool-2-1 leeds-liverpool-2-2 leeds-liverpool-2-3Quality graffiti here. So today will we be Riders on the Storm who will Break on Through to the Other Side? Well.

Sarah has a new jacket.

Sarah has a new jacket.

It’s a ‘paramo’ thing and apparently ‘jacket’ is hardly the word for something that will prove to keep her warm, keep her dry, keep her cool, keep her ventilated and be her best friend when other humans, me, aren’t quite up to the mark. It’s a miracle. And you can keep canal maps in the front. Continue reading

Walking to Leeds 1: Vauxhall to Aintree

A series of walks, in an as yet unknown number of sections, where Sarah and I will walk to Leeds along the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

It's the beginning of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Another way the North Docks area links to Liverpool's industrial past and the rest of north western England's industrial places.


We began this walk last Sunday by walking through this magic doorway and then having the idea of walking all of the rest of the way to Leeds over the next few months.dsc08243In the week since then our resident map maker Sarah has been planning the possible sections of the walk and we’ve both got quite excited about doing something so obvious we wonder why it took us so long to think of it.

Anyway the Sunday after we first have the idea we get the train to Sandhills and walk back a little way to Boundary Street to resume this Section One where we left off last week.dsc08294

Leeds is that way.

Leeds is that way.

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The Soft South

Naturally this blog focuses almost entirely on the north of England, as that is where we live. However, it turns out the country does have a southern part. And though much of it tends to vote the wrong way Sarah has selflessly been down there to see what it’s like. Here’s her special report ‘The Soft South’.

And a secret gate into the bowling green area.

“As much as I love my work as a funeral celebrant, I do find that time out is very important. And also time away, on my own. This year I have discovered a great organisation called Walking Women, who provide a range of holidays for women that involves, well, walking. Yes, walking, and also meandering and cafés and opportunities for mooching. I particularly enjoyed my trip with them to Northumberland in March – see the post here – and last weekend I was off down south.

I’d decided I would be ready for a break around the end of August so had booked this ‘Kennet and Avon’ holiday a few weeks back. Where’s that then? No, I didn’t know either – somewhere ‘down south’ and somewhere I’d never been before. Continue reading

The Sea Defence?

I’ve spent a lot of time around the docks and the river here in Liverpool lately. Separately walking the North and the South Docks and a fair bit of time at the Pier Head.

And I was sat at the Pier Head on Christmas Day when I sent Sarah this picture from my phone.

The Pier Head, Christmas Day.

The Pier Head, Christmas Day.

With hardly any people around the bleak expanse of the hard landscaping here looks particularly brutal.

Then in my New Year’s Day post I cited this landscaping as one of Liverpool’s worst bits of architecture.

Harsh landscaping with a wasted canal in the middle of it.

Harsh landscaping with a wasted canal in the middle of it.

Then yesterday the high tides and storms that have been happening with increasing frequency hit the whole of west coast Britain.

Turning the peaceful river of Christmas Day...

Turning the peaceful river of Christmas Day…

Into this.

Into this.

And changing my mind about the landscaping of the Pier Head. Sure, it’s harsh and ugly if you view it as an extension of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Continue reading