On Penny Lane: In Remembrance

I’ve written on here before about Remembrance. Earlier this year in ‘The Great Silence’ I wrote about how the ideas for the grave of the Unknown Warrior and and the Great Silence were had, not by Generals or Prime Ministers, let alone Royalty, but by ordinary people. In so far as you can ever call […]

A year to live: One week

I haven’t written about this lately, but I’m still living as if this is my final year. To see what that does and to record what that feels like. I started it early last October and since then my work has simplified and our house has emptied out. So I thought, to continue this, I’d record an ‘ordinary’ […]

The Great Silence

It all started a hundred years ago this summer, so we’ll be hearing a great deal about the Great War this year. Which may be what drew me to this book. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a book about mortality and death, things I’ve been thinking of during this Year to Live I’ve […]