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For the Love of Secondhand Books: A Digression

It’s a perfect example of what it is, a secondhand book. It’s got other well used books on its cover, it’s on a ‘vintage’ imprint and I bought it from a secondhand  bookshop.

It is also, by the way, a perfect book. Tom Hanks says it as well as I ever could in his review quote inside the cover:

“It’s simply a novel about a guy who goes to college and becomes a teacher. But it’s one of the most fascinating things that you’ve ever come across.”

Read that aloud, please, in your best dry, wry and enquiring Tom Hanks voice and I think you might both get the idea and want the book. Which you can have any day soon if I give you its catalogue number: Continue reading

The return to vinyl, finding the LPs

It’s three months now since I wrote about my decision to get a turntable and start buying LPs again. So I thought it was time to write a bit about how I’m getting on. Hardly earth changing stuff, but that’s the joy of running your own blog. Some days you can write about life and death, some days it’s the joys that come in between those defining events, like buying LPs.

vinyl_record_446So, how’s it going? Fairly well, thanks for theoretically asking. From a solitary LP the first time I wrote there are now nearly 40 of them sat next to the turntable in our living room. Which would have been a heavy investment if they were all new. But mostly they’re not.

I’d envisaged exploring new music on vinyl but haven’t much, yet. Because I’ve found that most LPs of new music are in fact doubles, but strange doubles. Continue reading

Buying LPs again

It’s started. After a 23 year gap I’m buying LPs again.

Not that I’ve got a turntable mind. That won’t come ’til next week. But it’s ordered.

A record shop, with LPs. Probe Records, Liverpool.

A record shop, with LPs. Probe Records, Liverpool.

For months, possibly years, I’ve been magnetically pulled towards any turntables I’d happen to see when we’ve been in town shopping. Or rather when Sarah’s been shopping and I’ve been loping along beside her. Because I don’t really ‘shop’ and have very little need for ‘things.’ My birthday present this year was, well, nothing. And I was very happy with it because there was nothing I wanted. If it was relying on me the economy would be in an even worse state than it is.

And in charity shops, ostensibly there to recycle our books, I’d find myself flicking through the second-hand LPs. Until fondly reminded that I no longer possessed a turntable to play them on and hadn’t had one for many years.

Well there’s a turntable been ordered now and I’ve been to the Smithdown Road Oxfam and flicked through the second hand LPs with renewed vigour. Because I’ve found that I want LPs back in my life. Continue reading