Granby 4 Streets: Extraordinary Forever

As Granby 4 Streets, the last four original streets still left with their original houses, woke up this morning nothing was true or happening that wasn’t true yesterday. Builders from Plus Dane and Liverpool Mutual Homes were arriving to begin their day’s work. To be joined any day now by the builders from the Granby […]

In Granby: The September Street Market

At 10 o’clock this morning, as the Granby 4 Streets Market opened, the rain stopped. Sometimes that’s just how it is for the righteous of this earth. Because of course the 4 Streets are on site now. A photographer takes a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of a film maker filming. And I […]

In Granby: Getting ready for the Street Market

This Saturday 6th September, from 10 ’til 3 it’s the Granby 4 Streets Market. The culmination of this summer’s 4 Streets Markets and a guaranteed celebration of a very significant year in the history of the 4 Streets. So today I went for a walk around the streets with Eleanor Lee of the Granby 4 […]

Granby 4 Streets Market in August

Now updated with August Market photos. It’s the Granby 4 Streets Market on Saturday 2nd August, in Cairns Street Liverpool 8. Renovation works have now started in Granby but they won’t get in the way of tomorrow’s market. So see you there? It all starts at 10:30 in the morning. The guerrilla garden planting in Cairns […]

In Liverpool: Granby and Homebaked

As if the news about Eldon Grove yesterday wasn’t enough, I’m back with more bits of good news about two of my other favourite places in Liverpool. There are now, at last, builders beginning work in Granby 4 Streets. And in Anfield, Homebaked are now certain they won’t lose their bakery building to demolition. This […]

Granby Four Streets – at last

Recently I was invited to a community event in Granby, Liverpool 8. And while there long-time resident Hazel Tilley handed me a copy of a small newsletter that quietly, and with great dignity, carries details of the news many of us have been waiting to hear for years now. News so joyous and significant for Liverpool I […]