Granby 4 Streets: Talking with Aditya

‘Bearing in mind we’re ordinary people, what we’ve done is magnificent.’
Hazel Tilley

This morning in The Guardian Aditya Chakrabortty has published an article he’s been working on with a group of us over the past couple of weeks. I’ve decided to link to the article from this blog so it can be included on here in the story of what’s been done in Granby over these last few years. Also because I think the interview process itself, the chance to reflect with such a skilled and interested visitor, has helped me, for one, to be able to see the story so far with an objectivity that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. Continue reading “Granby 4 Streets: Talking with Aditya”

Thinking About Granby & the Welsh Streets

I’ve been thinking about Granby this week. Talking about it too, along with several of us there who were involved in setting up the Community Land Trust a few years back. We’ve been talking to a journalist is all I’ll say and you’ll be able to read what we said within the next couple of weeks.

This is the Aditya Chackrabortty article about Granby referred to here.

For today my thinking took me to the first Granby Street Market of the year. The first ever, in fact, to be run in February. And what a February day it was. ‘Dreich’ I’d be saying if I were Scottish. Dreich anyway. Off the 86 bus on Upper Parliament and through to Granby Street. Past the side street names that still remember all the gone now original streets of the area. Mostly cleared from the 1970s on and replaced with various kinds of newness over the years since.

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Granby Street Market, September 2017

The great L8 Street Market is well into its eighth year now but I haven’t been around Granby or anywhere else much recently, so it was good to step out on a fine September morning and arrive at Granby again.

The Market runs pretty much all year now on the first Saturday of every month.
And since last year has run on Granby Street itself, the road being closed for it.
The market has grown and thrived in the extra space.

A real mixture of stalls here. All kinds of food, art, crafts, bike repairs, general interestingness and some they sum up as ‘car booty-ness.’

But best of all loads of people and the place itself. I was involved here for many years of course and it’s great to be back among friends again. Conversations flowing easily in the morning sun. Continue reading “Granby Street Market, September 2017”

In Granby: The Street Market returns

This Saturday, 2nd April, sees the return of Granby 4 Streets Market. Now in its seventh year, the market this year moves out onto its new home on Granby Street itself.

Granby Street L8.
Granby Street L8.

We’re expecting Ducie Street, the last of the 4 Streets to go on site, to do so some time this summer.

Ducie Street, where the Markets were held last year.
Ducie Street, where the Markets were held last year.

So we’re moving out onto Granby’s historic trading street, as our direct tribute to the heritage of the area, where the whole of Granby Street was filled with shops, from Princes Avenue through to Upper Parliament Street. Public consultation we had done last year through Writing on the Wall came back strongly with the message of how much the shops are missed. So each month now we’ll be adding the Street Market in to the offers from our friends, the shop owners who’ve continued to trade on Granby Street. Continue reading “In Granby: The Street Market returns”

How to do Social Housing: Part Two

Continuing the true story of Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust on siteGranby on site - 70

The second of two detailed parts of my story about exactly how to do social housing. Or at least, exactly how we’re doing it in Granby 4 Streets.

At the end of Part One we are deliriously winning the Turner Prize.
At the end of Part One we are deliriously winning the Turner Prize.
Assemble and a few of us are up in Glasgow at the Channel Four announcement.
Assemble and a few of us, though not me, are up in Glasgow at the Channel Four announcement.
The rest of us are in Liverpool watching it all together at The Small Cinema in Victoria Street.
The rest of us are in Liverpool watching it all together at The Small Cinema in Victoria Street.

Next morning I’m up well before the dawn reflecting on what’s just happened and have published my thoughts on here before the media start arriving in the Four Streets. Continue reading “How to do Social Housing: Part Two”

Happy Christmas from Granby 4 Streets

Happy Christmas - 1There is still a blog post to be written celebrating all that’s been achieved by the whole group of partners here in Granby this year. But today, as we held the final site meeting of the year, was a day to pause, wish each other Happy Christmas and pass our message of peace and DIY on to you as well.

The week began with a celebration in the site house at 48 Cairns Street. A homecoming party for Assemble and all of us after winning the Turner Prize.

The Turner Pies arrived early.
The Turner Pies arrived early.

A party gift from our friends at Homebaked. Paticularly for Joe Farrag of Granby helping out so much with the gazebos for their Thing On The Rec event at the weekend.

Lots more food made by everyone too. We've been eating it all week since.
Lots more food made by everyone too. We’ve been eating it all week since.

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