On the Arrival of Hope

In which hope arrives, and is then exercised Hope is a contagious emotion, and in a time of contagion I’ll take all the hope I can grasp. Like the hope and faith in the future I’ve been grasping all year from being so much in nature, the hope and belief in democracy I’ve nurtured and […]

On being a Social Scientist: In public

It’s very early on a Saturday morning here in Liverpool and I’m listening to Elizabeth Alker on Radio 3 like I always do. She’s on gloriously peaceful early morning form and has already played a jazz version of Nick Drake’s ‘River Man’ that would charm any passing angels. So all’s well and idyllic here except […]

Home Life During a Pandemic

16th May – Week 8 Mozart is playing here and I’ll just let him while I get the writing going. The eighth week of these, and I was about to write the word ‘already’ but is it? It’s been a long slow time in most ways, this gap between how life was and whenever all […]