Walking to Create

After a few years away a much loved Liverpool business is once again a high street presence in Liverpool.

Welcome back Create.
Welcome back Create.

Back open since November on Prescot Road, Old Swan, Create was one of Liverpool’s original social enterprises from its founding in 1995. Sarah and I did a lot of work with them over the years and became particular friends with their longest serving Chief Executive Greg Walker.

Create worked on white goods – cookers, fridges, freezers and washing machines. Recycling some and supplying them at good affordable prices to people who needed them the most. More particularly though they helped people with their lives, training and employing many hundreds in the end, from their base then in Speke, and with Create shops all over Merseyside.

But we’ll pick up their story when we get there, because today we’re walking to the new Create.

Off across The Mystery on a deeply blue morning.
Off across The Mystery on a deeply blue morning.

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Doing the work you love, on the buses

Apart from going on scenic walks and being opinionated about all things Liverpool, a lot of the work we actually get paid for is around people doing work that they love. And a lot of that is concerned with social enterprises. It’s easier to love the work if your enterprise is doing some good in the world, as well as bringing in the profits it needs to keep it going.

We’ve been working with social enterprises for over fifteen years now. Helping them to generate new ideas that will make them even better social enterprises and even better places to work with and work in.

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