It’s Warm In and Out

A day comes, even in these climate mess years of the long cold springs, when all is still and blue and you need to be out in it. Walking along, well me anyway, singing the long loved Lotus Eaters ode to springtime as I leave the house: ‘It’s warm in and out The call for […]

The Quiet Days

I love the quiet days in between Christmas and New Year. Not working and not celebrating, just being. Friday’s snow not having lasted long enough for someone to build a whole snowman. The evening when it fell though our street suddenly filled with excited children, many of them fully grown. I stop for a while […]

The promise

My partner Sarah has been gardening on her allotment for 13 happy years now. These days it’s as essential to her as ever, providing solace and contemplation during weeks when she’s busy with her work as an independent funeral celebrant. Now spring is arriving Sarah shows us around. — Sunday. The 9th of March. Time […]

Evening walk, morning run

I haven’t done as many posts about running on here as I’d thought I might, principally because taking photographs interferes with a good run. But yesterday evening and this morning I covered the same route on both a walk and a run and therefore have some photographs to show you. The route is called the […]