Chester: To Let

I haven’t been to Chester for years, and I wasn’t going to go there today either. But when we got to the Dee Estuary for our planned walk¬†Sarah was too tired, from being so busy with her funeral celebrant work this week. So we decided to drive up to the head of the Estuary and […]

The Friday Walks

We still go walking, of course we do. But not every Friday like we used to. For the whole of a year, last year, I wrote about our walks every week, more or less. A couple had to be called off during the howling gales and rains of last summer. This year would have been […]

Who are you?

I don’t mean the song by The Who, though it is a very good later days Who song. I really mean ‘Who are you?’ How would you describe yourself in as few words as possible? How might you be described after you’d died? I’d been thinking about this matter of self-definition for two reasons, one […]

The erosion at Thurstaston

The cliffs at Thurstaston are a thing of great beauty. Made of eroding boulder clay, they are a designated¬†Site of Special Scientific Interest and cannot be protected from erosion – it is the erosion that is important to their status. But the erosion is now proceeding faster than we’ve ever seen because of the extremely […]