Northumberland, huge sandy beaches & wide open skies

Whilst I was striding about Liverpool buying LPs and ranting about street markets over the weekend, Sarah was on a ‘Walking Women’ holiday with a dozen or so other women in Northumberland. As you’ll see the weather was wonderful, the whole place is beyond gorgeous. And it just makes you sick doesn’t it? No but […]

The Great Silence

It all started a hundred years ago this summer, so we’ll be hearing a great deal about the Great War this year. Which may be what drew me to this book. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a book about mortality and death, things I’ve been thinking of during this Year to Live I’ve […]

The Secret Cathedral

Earlier this year, when I showed you Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, I said we’d be back to take a look at its Roman Catholic counterpart, down the other end of Hope Street. Yesterday, on a sopping wet day of constant rain this happened. It also happened to be Sarah’s birthday. But before we get to the […]