Donkeys in Granby

Well you don’t often get a chance to use that for a headline, do you? And there will be lots more donkey pictures later. But having talked about the whys, wherefores, history and purpose of the Granby 4 Streets Market yesterday, today’s post is a picture special with few words. Just loads of pictures of […]

Considering the Street Market

It’s late September 2010 and I’m out walking the streets ‘Inspecting Liverpool.’ A task I’d long undertaken even then, well before this blog. That I’d walk around my wider neighbourhood, let’s call it ‘Liverpool’ and check on how it was doing. What was new, what looked like it was being messed up, what looked good […]

Living for the City: A tale of two markets

Saturday dawns. I put on my wet weather gear, get my camera and leave the house. I know where I’m going first, but after that, who knows? I’m living for the city, rejoicing in my place. And, as ever, I’m about to walk through its history and think about its future. Let’s go. I haven’t […]