It’s Liverpool, August 1914: There are giants on the streets

It’s Liverpool, in August 1914 and there are giants on the streets. Not giants in terms of stature because many of them are just boys really. But giant hearts, giant dreams and giant love. For and from the boys and their sweethearts and their sisters and their brothers. MostĀ of whom are laughing and cheering like […]

In Clitheroe: From a high hill

“Into my heart an air that kills From yon far country blows: What are those blue remembered hills, What spires, what farms are those? This is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, The happy highways where I went And cannot come again.” Standing on a high hill in Clitheroe, north east […]

The Great Silence

It all started a hundred years ago this summer, so we’ll be hearing a great deal about the Great War this year. Which may be what drew me to this book. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a book about mortality and death, things I’ve been thinking of during this Year to Live I’ve […]

Great bus journeys of the world: the 471 & 472

Continuing to explore Greater Liverpool – on the bus. I was nearly a Twirly this morning. Sarah’s left the house very early to run a funeral service and so I’m up and around early too. Ready for something that might be a ‘Great bus journey’ and a ‘Friday Walk’ combined. Just in time I remember […]