Food in the 1970s: What went wrong?

Time has moved on and the two greedy young scamps from the 60s, Ronnie Hughes and Barry Ward are now teenagers about to experience the gastronomic sophistications of the 70s. Or are they? Food in the 1960s, as long-time readers of the blog might remember, was nowhere near as bad as our memories might have […]

When we were boys & girls

Shortly after we are born the rationing from World War II and the subsequent austerity finally ends. Sweets rationing has finished a year earlier and now bacon and meat (somehow considered separate items) are the final items whose removal makes ration books redundant. All ready for us to grow up into a world of plenty […]

At last, it’s 1970

At the moment we have a visitor staying with us here in Liverpool and we’re in the middle of showing her the delights of our beloved place. There will, of course, be a blog post about all that. But obviously one of the places we’ve taken her has been our beautifully renewed and restored Liverpool […]

Ice Cream, Lemonade & Crisps in the 1960s

Food in the 1960s: What else were we eating? Those two scamps from Miss Judge’s class back in 1964, Barry Ward and Ronnie Hughes, on what else they were stuffing their cheery faces with back in those childhood days. Well we’ve looked at ‘proper’ food and found it was actually quite good. And we’ve looked […]

Sweets in the 1960s. Or, where did all those fillings come from?

Another joint post from those two characters out of a latter day ‘Just William’ novel. Barry Ward and Ronnie Hughes rejoice in the sweets of the 1960s in north Liverpool. Well, last week’s discovery that food in the 1960s was actually quite good sparked off lots of interest on here and on Twitter. And while […]

Food in the 1960s: Actually it was quite good.

A joint post today by two of the boys from Mr Keith’s class in 1965. Sparked by lots of comments on here and on Twitter about the awfulness of blancmange a few days ago, even involving the band Blancmange themselves in the end, I thought it might be good, in a perverse sort of way, […]