On Huskisson Street in the Morning

Who wouldn’t want to walk along Huskisson Street in the morning? There’s always somewhere to get to isn’t there? Always something filling up your mind with the things to do when you arrive at wherever? What hardly ever happens in the middle of all this getting on is the quiet voice. You may know it? […]

Wandering About: Down to the River

Having walked a fair bit of North Liverpool then South Liverpool in the last two days it didn’t take a genius or even me to work out today’s ‘Walking About’ route, the middle. Roughly from here in Wavertree, through L7 and L1 to the River. Let’s go. Reflecting as I start out on a third […]

Walking down to the Royal Infirmary

A blog post from a little over three years ago here, where I looked at how our major hospitals are woven into the life and death fabric of our lives. And wondered whether Carillion would be up to the job. My opinion now is that the people and companies of Liverpool should be finishing the […]

Inspecting Liverpool, part one

I’ve been doing this for years. No one asked me and no one thanks me, but someone’s got to do it. Check how the place is doing. So every now and then, particularly when it’s a nice day, I take my camera and my curiosity and go where my feet, and the occasional bus take […]

Photographing ordinary things

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that, aside from our work and my life with Sarah, one of the main things I do is walk around photographing things. Sometimes extraordinary, like a magnificent landscape, a surprising wildflower or the new baby goslings on the lake. But more often I […]

Lost and Found

A story of a place lost and one about to be found again. Mourning somewhere gone, with photographs found years ago in the¬†Liverpool Central Library, which opens its doors once again, this Friday. The Library closed for major regeneration works three years ago. And since then, its archive of historical photographs has had to be […]