The Quiet Days

We’ll come back to this image in a bit and what it might imply, but first let’s get out walking. On my own today, Sarah’s back at her funeral celebrant work. I love the quiet days when Christmas has gone and today begins┬áso sunny it would be just wrong not to take my camera out […]

Happy Christmas from Granby 4 Streets

There is still a blog post to be written celebrating all that’s been achieved by the whole group of partners here in Granby this year. But today, as we held the final site meeting of the year, was a day to pause, wish each other Happy Christmas and pass our message of peace and DIY […]

On winning the Turner Prize

Sitting here, very early in the morning, too happy to sleep. Remembering yesterday, the day we won the Turner Prize. Knowing this day will be full of talk. Of Assemble and art and community led change. Of dreaming, design, architecture and politics. But here at six in the morning thinking only of one word. One […]

Two days in Granby

No apologies for this run of Granby posts up to the Turner Prize announcement on Monday. There are great things happening here. I’m really loving this time on site carefully restoring these Victorian terraced houses. Revealing and revelling in the beauty of their construction. As you can see from that rarely seen rear view of […]

Turner Prize: Is this art?

In which Hazel Tilley of Granby 4 Streets and the entire City of Liverpool gets the last word. So I’d say we definitely are art. “It’s recognising the politics in art, it’s recognising the humanity in art. It’s not this piece of work of art that goes into some rich person’s warehouse, this is something┬áthat […]

There will be donkeys!

Roll up, roll up for the Granby 4 Streets Christmas Market this Saturday.Where a splenid time is, as ever, guaranteed for all.It hardly seems a year since the last Christmas Market. The houses were just starting on site and so we had a huge celebration of all it had taken so many of us to […]