It’s Liverpool 1969: Growing Up In Granby

A while back something precious arrived in the post in Granby from Nick Hedges. A CD full of photographs he’d taken in 1969 and soon after of life in Granby and around Liverpool 8 in those years. He said we could make whatever use of them we thought best, so I’m going to use a […]

How to do Social Housing: Part One

A true story of Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust on site.I want to tell you a story about social housing. A very detailed story (in two parts) about exactly how to do it. Or at least, exactly how we’re doing it in Granby 4 Streets. I want to tell you this story now because […]

Wandering About: Liverpool 8

Two in the end dry days on the run? Sky maybe not broken then? I set off with my camera for another wander around. No random bus to North Liverpool this time, in fact Sarah gives me a lift into town, where Dig Vinyl in Bold Street is seriously investigated. Not one of Bold Street’s […]

Willing to Work? In Granby? Read this.

As you’ll know unless you’ve been living under a stone I’m more than something to do with Granby 4 Streets. But as you might well not know, until you read this, you could be too. We’re hiring, in short – and you might like to apply. Here’s the ad. ✹ Granby 4 Streets Community Land […]

The Quiet Days

We’ll come back to this image in a bit and what it might imply, but first let’s get out walking. On my own today, Sarah’s back at her funeral celebrant work. I love the quiet days when Christmas has gone and today begins so sunny it would be just wrong not to take my camera out […]

Happy Christmas from Granby 4 Streets

There is still a blog post to be written celebrating all that’s been achieved by the whole group of partners here in Granby this year. But today, as we held the final site meeting of the year, was a day to pause, wish each other Happy Christmas and pass our message of peace and DIY […]