On winning the Turner Prize

Sitting here, very early in the morning, too happy to sleep. Remembering yesterday, the day we won the Turner Prize. Knowing this day will be full of talk. Of Assemble and art and community led change. Of dreaming, design, architecture and politics. But here at six in the morning thinking only of one word. One […]

Street Market Garden

A good, warm Street Market in Granby today. Full of friends and conversations. So I didn’t take as many photographs as I usually would, too busy talking! Anyway, here they are – minus donkey rides, as they’d already finished for the day before I ambled round with my camera. Assemble were promoting some week long […]

Liverpool Urban Renaissance

A reflection on where we are – and how it all feels at the moment, particularly in Granby. A few weeks ago I wrote emotionally on here about the how tos and joys and frustrations of urban renaissance. Of being involved in bringing new life back to places long condemned to death by the vicissitudes of […]

Donkeys in Granby

Well you don’t often get a chance to use that for a headline, do you? And there will be lots more donkey pictures later. But having talked about the whys, wherefores, history and purpose of the Granby 4 Streets Market yesterday, today’s post is a picture special with few words. Just loads of pictures of […]

Considering the Street Market

It’s late September 2010 and I’m out walking the streets ‘Inspecting Liverpool.’ A task I’d long undertaken even then, well before this blog. That I’d walk around my wider neighbourhood, let’s call it ‘Liverpool’ and check on how it was doing. What was new, what looked like it was being messed up, what looked good […]

Granby 4 Streets and the Turner Prize

The news has just broken that Assemble, the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust architects, are one of the four nominations for this year’s Turner Prize, principally for their work in Granby. “In an age when anything can be art, why not have a housing estate?” asked judge Alistair Hudson, when pressed about the inclusion of […]