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Good Day Sunshine


“I need to laugh and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about”

My last post on here was no laughing matter. ‘Shadow Days’ was written at the beginning of what turned out to be the best part of a week of fairly deep depression. A depression that has now lifted and that I was much helped out of by the many comments and good wishes from readers of this blog. So thank you all so much. And to several very close friends too.

So after doing some things I needed to do to deal with the depression I decided I’d take this Friday completely off work. Early on Twitter was telling me it’s 50 years today since ‘Revolver’ came out. So I decided to go into town and celebrate this by getting a copy.

On a sunny blue day.

On a sunny blue day.

Down sunny Bold Street.

Down sunny Bold Street.

Feeling a lightnesss in my step and my heart that’s been missing lately. Continue reading

Walking to The Egg

Walking to The Egg - 10A work meeting for 11:30 in the morning is called off because someone’s sick (get well soon Ann Marie x). So what to do? Shall I fill in the time before my next appointment at 2 in the afternoon with other work or shall I go for a walk in the early spring sunshine? Easy choice, I put my boots on and set off.

My eventual destination will be The Egg in Newington.

My eventual destination will be The Egg in Newington.

So I walk in that general direction, with detours.

Days and sudden spare time like this don’t occur so often that they can be ignored. Living, as I still do, with the attitude of what would I choose to do if I had a year left to live? For all of 2014 I wrote a series of blog posts about this and it quietly changed my life. Read my main conclusions here if you like.

These tiny narcissi in the corner of Greenbank Park only visit for a short time around about now each year.

These tiny narcissi in the corner of Greenbank Park only visit for a short time around about now each year.

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So what?

Reflections on a year of blogging.

Well then, a year ago this week we turned our mostly static website into a blog. And now, 190 posts later I’m here to ask the question, so what?Spring01 What has been the effect of all this writing? Of posts covering the spectrum from sweets in the 1960s to getting the truth about Hillsborough. From entertaining, to emotional and back again. Who knows?

Certainly a lot of the writing has been read. On the old website a top day, and there weren’t many of them, would see 30 views. Views on here currently stand at 24,000. This makes me bizarrely happy. But why? What’s been changed by all this? Continue reading

The Age of Absurdity

Modern life is not, as Blur once suggested, rubbish. But it’s certainly absurd.

People are buying less oranges because they can’t be bothered to peel them. People feel entitled to have whatever they want, because they endlessly want things and therefore think they ‘deserve’ them. And people increasingly believe that they can ‘positive think’ their way into better lives and endlessly profitable jobs and companies. All absurd.

My view? Well yes, but I’m writing about it here because I’ve just read these things in a splendid book that I therefore wish I’d written. It’s ‘The Age of Absurdity’ by Michael Foley. And earlier today I got talking about some of the stuff in it with someone I’d never met before. And it turned out she’d just read the book too! So, convinced by this rigorous scientific research that there’s a mass movement building up here, I thought I’d better let you in on it. Continue reading