Another Way: From Sevenstreets to our street

Recently we were featured in our own favourite Liverpool blog, SevenStreets. And here’s what they had to say about us. Today’s post by guest blogger David Lloyd of SevenStreets. ‘Got that Monday morning feeling? Is there another way to make it through the week without the nine to five grind? For one enterprising couple, the […]

Doing the work you love, on the buses

Apart from going on scenic walks and being opinionated about all things Liverpool, a lot of the work we actually get paid for is around people doing work that they love. And a lot of that is concerned with social enterprises. It’s easier to love the work if your enterprise is doing some good in […]

Social Enterprise Champions in London

I’ve told you before about our work with¬†HCT, Britain’s largest social enterprise bus company. Eight hundred people work for them, in London, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, Bristol and the Channel Islands. We’ve been running programmes with them for the last two years aimed at educating and inspiring groups of their people, mainly bus drivers, about the […]