To the Lighthouse (with the Lighthouse Keeper)

In June 2013, Sarah and I went to stay for a few days in one of our favourite places on earth, Anglesey. In this first post about our visit we manage to get into a place we have long admired, the South Stack Lighthouse. The post, as you will see, features a man called Gordon […]

Photographing ordinary things

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that, aside from our work and my life with Sarah, one of the main things I do is walk around photographing things. Sometimes extraordinary, like a magnificent landscape, a surprising wildflower or the new baby goslings on the lake. But more often I […]

Observing Liverpool, the Battle of the Atlantic

Today’s sunny meanderings took in the sad remnant of the Liverpool Show on the Mystery, the thronged remembering of the Battle of the Atlantic down on the river, making sure the goslings and the cygnets are all right in Sefton Park (they are) and tea on the allotment with Sarah and Gemma. The Mystery, just […]

Liverpool Beach

It’s called ‘Otterspool Promenade’ but I’ve always thought of it as Liverpool Beach. A long, wide, open space by the banks of the Mersey where the people of Liverpool come out to play, on sunny days like today. Long time readers might have been here before. Otterspool is part of my regular 10k run. And […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1820

Last time we were here it was 1775, now, just 45 years later, Liverpool has changed dramatically. The population is now 118,000 and growing rapidly. By the middle of the century it will be 376,000 and the town will be calling itself a city. William Roscoe, the young poet just making his way in 1775 […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1775

A while ago we had a look at Liverpool not long before I was born, and 1953 looked like a strange and long ago place. Today we’re going well back before any of us were born, to an apparently idyllic Liverpool of 1775. Where we now have the Cathedral and Upper Duke Street, the harvest […]