‘Without These Walls’

A film and a ghost mural telling the story of Granton Road, North Liverpool.

“We kept hearing the word ‘units’ about us. When these were not ‘units’ – they were people’s homes!” Jayne Lawless – Granton Road artist and story teller.

The telling of the truth begins.
The telling of the truth begins.

In two linked posts about one day, Friday 8th April, I’m going to write about the future of the place that occupies most of my time now. North Liverpool. First the story of a film and its accompanying mural of a lost place, Granton Road L5, which was just opposite Liverpool FC’s ground.

Walking up from the North Docks.
Walking up from the North Docks.

I’ve spent the day so far being part of an amazing event down at Make Liverpool, working on the Beautiful Ideas I’ve been telling you about for a while now. On this day the ideas have gone public and all the invited guests are telling us how exciting North Liverpool is feeling to them. More on this in the post which will link to this one.

Now, as evening falls, I walk up Boundary Street and along Walton Breck Road to Homebaked.

Where the new film will be shown for the first time tonight.
Where the new film will be shown for the first time tonight.

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The Cranes of Anfield

16.03.07 Anfield - 14What a beautiful day this Monday 7th March has been here in Liverpool? The kind of a day when a camera simply can’t go unused, even if just walking past things I’ve sort of got used to. Like the humungous new stand Liverpool FC are building between Walton Breck Road and Anfield Road.

I’ve arrived deliberately early for a meeting I’m having with the Beautiful Ideas Co. Partly so I can take some pictures, but also allowing time for me to call in at Homebaked. Where its good to see Cathy Alderson, usually just in for match days and street markets. And also good to have a Mushroom Stroganoff pie for my healthy social enterprise lunch! Lunch over I go outside to take the pictures.

Now normally I have some concerned words to say about Liverpool FC. Words like prevaricating, blighting and exploitation. But today we’ll let all that temporarily alone, because I’m here to rejoice in the engineering.

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With Homebaked: Designing

A Saturday afternoon here, spent as a member of Homebaked Community Land Trust looking for inspiration, as we now near the end of our first, year long phase, doing the basic design of the new building that will eventually rise next to the Homebaked Community Bakery.Architecture - 4This is a day of two architects, both at the centre of the picture here. Marianne Heaslip, of Urbed and long-time friend of all of us here, together with Toby Wallis of Architectural Emporium who have been working with us now since March last year.

Our collective brief today, in Toby’s words, we are:

“Looking for sustainable features of neighbouring buildings,
Looking at building materiality, aesthetics and durability,
And looking at old and new building junctions.”

Gathered here in Hope Street, Liverpool.
Gathered here in Hope Street, Liverpool.
In Architectural Emporium's offices.
In Architectural Emporium’s offices.

Marianne’s particularly here for her environmental and energy advice and experience. So we spend a while discussing things like ‘green-washing’ and the corporate drivel that can often stand in for real considerations in actual contexts of what true sustainability might mean to particular groups of people in their real place.

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New Year 2016

Ducie Street - hoping to see this on site before long.

2016? Sort the empty homes, stop food waste, lean on each other, create our own way through this & sort the planet too? Yes, it’s a big ask.

But it’s what I wish for. If I learned one thing from 2015 it’s that we are best leaning on each other, helping each other. Not waiting for governments to change but doing what we need to and what we can now. Now is the time of our lives.

Love and respect to everyone featured on this blog in 2015.

Happy Christmas from Granby 4 Streets

Happy Christmas - 1There is still a blog post to be written celebrating all that’s been achieved by the whole group of partners here in Granby this year. But today, as we held the final site meeting of the year, was a day to pause, wish each other Happy Christmas and pass our message of peace and DIY on to you as well.

The week began with a celebration in the site house at 48 Cairns Street. A homecoming party for Assemble and all of us after winning the Turner Prize.

The Turner Pies arrived early.
The Turner Pies arrived early.

A party gift from our friends at Homebaked. Paticularly for Joe Farrag of Granby helping out so much with the gazebos for their Thing On The Rec event at the weekend.

Lots more food made by everyone too. We've been eating it all week since.
Lots more food made by everyone too. We’ve been eating it all week since.

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