Walking to Kitty’s Launderette

This was always going to be a good day, so I wanted to make sure I enjoyed it as much as possible. This day in May 2019 when Kitty’s Launderette opened. The day Kitty’s opened. Sorting the photographs. After three years of having their idea, raising investments, designing and art, social and testing it out […]

Talking Liverpool: Welsh Streets and Homebaked

As you will have well gathered by now, I love to talk about Liverpool in all kinds of ways. The parts of the place, the theory and practice of the place, the many joys of my place, my home. So today I was up and out early for a day of Talking Liverpool. And we […]

With Homebaked: Designing

A Saturday afternoon here, spent as a member of Homebaked Community Land Trust looking for inspiration, as we now near the end of our first, year long phase, doing the basic design of the new building that will eventually rise next to the Homebaked Community Bakery.This is a day of two architects, both at the […]

A Question of Sport?

Something’s been bothering me for a few days now. Something about Liverpool Football Club and its relationship with the people who live around it. It was brought into particular focus this morning by a lovely story I read about another football club, not too far away, and how deeply embedded and appreciated it is within […]

Homebaked: The Thing On The Rec

Look at this. The centrepiece of something truly magical. It was at Homebaked in Anfield this Saturday and lots of us were there.After huge work and preparation by so many (and a lovely dry, sunny day on Friday thanks very much) it wasn’t looking that promising… After which my job was warm, dry and hugely fulfilling. […]

This is Anfield, November 2015

On a foggy night last night I walk through the streets of Anfield. On my way to somewhere familiar, but with everywhere looking unfamiliar with the fog anyway and also because some of my usual routes are closed off for now because of this. This is the huge new stand being built at Liverpool FC’s […]