On my holidays: At the Pier Head

Well the Pier Head’s bigger than it used to be when we’d come here for days out like this in the 1960s (wonderful photograph of exactly how it felt by Joe Neary). Back then the Albert Dock was behind a big wall and went completely unnoticed by me until its renovation in the mid 1980s. […]

Albert Dock, Liverpool – what’s it for?

Having had a questioning but in the end celebratory look at St Georges Hall a few weeks ago, today Sarah and I have come for a sceptical look at another of Liverpool’s architectural gems, the Albert Dock. Now before we start can I just say I do appreciate it. I’m glad it’s still here. In […]

The Stranger in Liverpool

Where would you take a first-time visitor to Liverpool to show them the best of the city? Well if it were the early 19th Century you’d obviously reach for your trusty copy of ‘The Stranger in Liverpool’ for sound advice. This early guidebook to ┬áthe ‘Town of Liverpool and its environs’ assists me to this […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1820

Last time we were here it was 1775, now, just 45 years later, Liverpool has changed dramatically. The population is now 118,000 and growing rapidly. By the middle of the century it will be 376,000 and the town will be calling itself a city. William Roscoe, the young poet just making his way in 1775 […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1775

A while ago we had a look at Liverpool not long before I was born, and 1953 looked like a strange and long ago place. Today we’re going well back before any of us were born, to an apparently idyllic Liverpool of 1775. Where we now have the Cathedral and Upper Duke Street, the harvest […]