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Shambling About Ormskirk

Another day out during my time off working. As far as my Travel Pass will take me, to Ormskirk, twelve miles north of the City in an altogether different world.

Off the train and along Burscough Street.

It’s Market Day. As it is every Thursday and every Saturday.

In fact there’s been a market here since the local monks were granted a Royal Charter to run one in 1286 by King Edward 1. (Who was also known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots’ and he battered the Welsh too. But in between brutalities was obviously keen on a bit of light shopping.) Continue reading

Artisans in the Park

Artisans in the Park01The first part of my Sunday out walking, reading and generally mooching, was spent happily in the Old Police Station in Lark Lane, flicking through LPs and having wonderfully intense musical discussions with the traders at the Lark Lane Record Fair. I’ll show you what I came away with later.

Next I went into the park to meet a friend. I knew he was running a stall at an event there, so I thought I’d call in and see how he’s doing. Though we’re often in contact tweeting about social injustice and horticultural history, I don’t recall us actually meeting since my birthday back in January.

So I decided to call in on him here.

So I decided to call in on him here.

Yes indeed, you can believe your eyes. It’s an event in Sefton Park, involving food, arts and crafts, that’s free to get into. Unlike the iniquitous Liverpool Food and Drink Festival a couple of weeks back that I won’t stop being angry about until we stop it happening on public land.

So anyway, this being a free to enter festival I’m strolling by to see my friend Andrew and whoever else might be here. Because although there’ll be loads of stuff on sale, it’s as much a social gathering as a market place. And a social gathering open to all, non-exclusive and welcoming. In a place we all own anyway, our beautiful Sefton Park Palm House. Continue reading