Welcome to Bold Street

A few short weeks ago I wrote an imaginary blog post about a wished for day when public transport in our wider Liverpool works better than it does now and our city is no longer dominated by cars. While I’m still waiting for most of what I wrote about to come true, a small part […]

A year to live: Becoming 60

Continuing to treat the days as if they’re winding down, to see what effect that has on my life, there comes a change of decade. For a few years now my birthdays have seemed ‘a bit much’. Like, ‘How come I’m suddenly 58?’ Exacerbated, no doubt, by the years spent caring for Sarah during her […]

The Birthday Surprise

It’s my birthday tomorrow, Monday 20th January, happy birthday to me. And on Friday Sarah suggested we go for our tea at Leaf in Bold Street ‘to mark the official start of your birthday.’ She said we’d go upstairs to eat ‘as it’s a bit quieter up there.’ We got the bus into town and […]