“Are You Somebody?”

I’m all grown up now. Walking abroad this January Saturday “in a shower of all my days”. As all grown up as I will probably ever be, which is enough for me. Happy walking about here in my own skin, on this day before a birthday. It certainly isn’t “my thirtieth year to heaven” as […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1964: City of Change and Challenge

Or ‘Seaport: A Life in a Book’This book came out originally in 1964 when I was ten years old. And though I had my adult-side library ticket by then it must have been a reference only book, as I have no memory of bringing it home. Instead I would sit in the North Liverpool library of […]

The things we have lost: The Overhead

A baby memory, and a recurring dream of my childhood this one. I am gently rocking, in and out of sleep, on something moving. Sounding a bit like a train, but much more ‘woody’ than the steel rails I will come to hear later. I am on the Liverpool Overhead Railway, and my disappointed parents […]