A year to live: A quietening down of the rage to succeed

Thinking more about my ‘A year to live’ post. And a story from my friend Sarah Jones. A response to the post  from Robert Day got me thinking when, after telling his story of leaving the wrong job behind and how it was going he’d said: “So: I take from your post something that I’ve […]

A year to live

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while and now something BBC journalist Helen Fawkes has written has prompted me to get on with it. Helen has been diagnosed with incurable ovarian cancer, and told she will die some time within the next five years, possibly within the next few months.  And one […]

Africa in the Park

At last, after two years and a rained off 2012, Africa came back to the Park. The rain overnight had been torrential so I don’t know if I might walk in on a quagmire. Today we’ll see musicians and performers from Ghana, Congo, Cape Verde and Cuba. The day is surprisingly fine, and Africa Oyé […]

One picture

Today’s post is a meditation on one picture. Sent to me by blog reader Stan Cotter. Here it is: The photograph was taken by Stan in, he thinks, 1959 or 1960 and it’s: “On what we called the Revue Field in Sefton Park. In the background is Brompton Avenue, Croxteth Road and Ullet Road, all […]

Listening to David Bowie – The Next Day

So here it is, ‘The Next Day.’ Heavily trailered by the surprise release of one song ‘Where are we now?’ a couple of months ago. All melodic longing beautifully expressed. And of course, I should have guessed, there’s nothing else here on ‘The Next Day’ sounds even remotely like it. He’s being that David Bowie […]

Defend every library

Update, 7th March. Liverpool City Council vote to close libraries. In many places across Britain public libraries, curiously, are at the front of the queue when ‘austerity measures’ are up for discussion. Liverpool, European Capital of Culture in 2008 remember,  is sadly no exception. This morning the Liverpool Echo reported this, from Liverpool Town Hall: […]