Eldon Grove: Own a box in front of a piece of Liverpool history?

It’s been a while since I wrote about Eldon Grove on here, but I’ve been talking about it with a friend today who asked me how it was doing? People do, knowing how much I care about the place. Well anyway here’s how. It’s got site boards. As you can see it’s coming soon in […]

The Mystery Literary Festival: Soon

There is magic all around us. Stories waiting to be told. In every park & street the future is waiting. Listen, while I tell you a story called “The Mystery Literary Festival.” In Liverpool there is a park called The Mystery. No map will tell you where it is but everyone knows it’s called The […]

“You know your street better than us, so tell us”

We want to find all the empty homes in Liverpool, with your help. We want to map all the empty homes and get people living in them as ¬†soon as possible.So we need your help. Here’s how. Next time you walk up and down the street where you live, see which homes are empty and […]

On Lime Street: The Futurist

The smell was like the whole of the 20th Century falling down. That lath and plaster smell of a hundred years of smoking and sweating and damp and steam and hot summers and frozen winters and lives being lived and died from. And today I just happened to be passing, just happened to be on […]

The Welsh Streets: On Site Soon

Yesterday evening I went to a gathering at Toxteth Town Hall. It was good humoured, relaxed, positive and felt very much like a new beginning, at last, for the Welsh Streets. There’s still a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but several hundred empty homes here look like they won’t […]

On Lime Street: The Futurist

I do the houses, it’s what I’m best at. And through that I do my best to help with the economy and the quality of life in the place where I live. I have very little time for some of the campaigns to ‘save’ this or that which others get very exercised and excited about. […]