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In the City there’s a thousand things I want to say to you

After time alone and in silence it’s late Saturday morning and time to step out into the City. To tell you a few things and to take some photographs.

Out of the house and across The Mystery.

Through the gates onto Fir Lane.

And round to the bus stop to catch the 79 into town.

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An ordinary Liverpool Saturday?

Sun out, camera in my hands, off out to photograph an ordinary Liverpool Saturday, conscious that it’s been ages since I did this. Having said last week that in future I’d only write about things I’d write about if I only had a year to live this is definitely one of them. Walking around where I live and seeing how it’s doing on an ordinary day. Something that’s very special to me.

Out into our street in Wavertree.

And down the hill onto Smithdown.

Yes, it’s very ordinary photograph of a bus at a bus stop. But will Arriva always run the buses here and will looking like this bus one day date it as ‘how buses looked in the years just before 2020?

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Liverpool Autumnal

A very long circular walk in autumn. Including a great number of beautiful leaves, Boaty MacBoatface being built, finding out the price of a pair of jeans and an update on progress at  The Welsh Streets. Good value I’d say.
dsc06840When I set off walking on this day, the last Sunday in October 2016, I didn’t know exactly where I was going. But I knew it would be a long and autumnal walk.

Round the lake in Greenbank Park.

Round the lake in Greenbank Park.

A gorgeous golden day.

A gorgeous golden day.

Eleanor Rathbone's house finally being worked on.

Eleanor Rathbone’s house finally being worked on.


Along Greenbank Lane.

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On my holidays: At the Pier Head

Running about

Wonderful photograph of exactly how it felt, by Joe Neary.

Well the Pier Head’s bigger than it used to be when we’d come here for days out like this in the 1960s (wonderful photograph of exactly how it felt by Joe Neary). Back then the Albert Dock was behind a big wall and went completely unnoticed by me until its renovation in the mid 1980s.

Here we are.

Here we are, 1965.

Bus station in front of the Liver Buildings.

Bus station in front of the Liver Buildings.

With children.

With children from earlier in the century.

And more recently.

And more recently.

And the rest of the place has only recently gone.

The rest of the place has relatively recently gone.


So here I am today in 2016, on holiday at the bigger Pier Head.

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Saturday in Town

Saturday in Town - 31

Summer in the City.

Guess what, summer’s arrived. Or at any rate as sunny a weekend as we’ve had for many a long week. Saturday dawned as blue skied as my day around Lark Lane on Friday, so me and the camera went out for a nose around town.

First I heaeded down to the Pier Head.

First I heaeded down to the Pier Head.

Where I'd heard stuff would be going on.

Where I’d heard stuff would be going on.

The 'Liverpool Loves' festival.

The ‘Liverpool Loves’ festival.

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In Liverpool: On National Libraries Day

On National Libraries Day25Well where else would I go on such a day?

I’ve spent the last couple of Saturdays working in my local library. I love to go there when I want to really concentrate on writing something. I love too the serendipity of finding what I didn’t even know I was looking for when accidentally sat next to an unfamiliar bit of library. These are sacred places.

But today I decided on a change. Decided I’d get the bus down to Liverpool Central Library. The new camera’s not been there yet so is naturally keen on a good look round.

Off the bus at Lewis's. Its endless renovation continues.

Off the bus at Lewis’s. Its endless renovation continues.

Lime Street looking particularly forlorn on a slate grey day.

Lime Street looking particularly forlorn on a slate grey day.

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Great bus journeys of the world: the 82

the 8244That was just to get your attention really. There will be a journey on the 82 later on, but this is principally a Friday Walk. First walk of any length I’ve been on since I injured my ribs the other week. The doctor said there’d be a week of strong pain, followed by five weeks or so of ‘discomfort’. He was right about the pain, and as the discomfort is easing I was keen to make the most of the light on one of the shortest days and get out there walking.

Across Greenbank Park in the low December sunshine.

Across Greenbank Park in the low December sunshine.

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