It’s Liverpool, in 1943

We are nearly four years into the second Great War of the century. Many thousands are dead and large areas of all sides cities and docklands are in ruins. Already though, thoughts here are turning to the longed for ‘afterwards.’ The Beveridge Report has been published the previous December, enthralling hundreds of thousands at home and at […]

Post war Liverpool: The importance of Billy Liddell

Watching ‘Of Time and the City’ again in Leeds last week, where Terence Davies remembers his growing up in 1940s and 50s Liverpool, inevitably made me remember my own early years. I didn’t arrive until the 1950s, but his Liverpool looked the same as mine. Battered. And no wonder, look what the war damage looked […]

The Last Tram

When I was very young much of my travelling about up and down Walton Road and into town was by tram. And I’ve always loved them. Later on I’d get on them in Blackpool and love the way you could move the backs of the seats depending which way you were heading. And later still […]