Walking down to the Royal Infirmary

A blog post from a little over three years ago here, where I looked at how our major hospitals are woven into the life and death fabric of our lives. And wondered whether Carillion would be up to the job. My opinion now is that the people and companies of Liverpool should be finishing the […]

As time goes by: with Harry Nilsson on Roscommon Street

In which I walk the hills of North Liverpool, singing at the top of my voice! It’s very nearly a year now since I started buying LPs again and it’s going very well, thanks for asking. More new stuff is being put out on vinyl now it looks like it will outlast CDs, and recently […]

Roll around Heaven all day

A day starts when you think it starts, I always think. So this one runs from Friday evening to Saturday evening. In the loveliest Summertime we’ve had for years. Obviously anyone with any intelligence knows the times are changing and there could be hailstones tomorrow. But May, June and July in England this year has […]