Sarah goes sea kayaking: North Stack, Anglesey


These days I am a kayaking widower. Long evenings by myself here, muttering to no one about empty homes, while Sarah and her yellow boat are off on their adventures. Here’s one that includes kayaking bravely around some coastal cliffs I get dizzy just standing on!


It’s been a busy time for me and my kayak. No sooner have I washed my muddy boat from the trip to the Marshlands, I am out again mid-week in New Brighton Marina with Mark Mason, a local coach who runs Venture 7. I am then off to Anglesey for my regular two days with James Stevenson of Adventure Elements.


I’ve booked these days for a Monday and Tuesday in early March, it feels special to treat myself to coaching on two weekdays. Me and James meet at Waitrose in Menai Bridge (Editor’s note: A leading sea kayakers rendezvous location) and discuss plans for our two days – first day will be mostly technique, and then a trip on the second day.

We begin day one launching at the slipway in the Menai Straits. Continue reading “Sarah goes sea kayaking: North Stack, Anglesey”

The Swellies: Sea Kayaking with Sarah

In which our redoubtable Sarah Horton continues her marine adventures in pointy boats.


It is with much enthusiasm that I take my second training course in sea kayaking in Anglesey. Having done my introduction course with Stuart Leslie at Sea Kayaking Anglesey in May, as posted here, I am now in Anglesey again to do my ‘IntrOmediate’ sea kayaking course with Roger Chandler of Coastal Spirit.

16.07 kayaking post_05

By coincidence I am in a similar kayak, and the same colour as last time – a Romany Surf designed by Nigel Dennis, made here in Anglesey. I am comfortable in this boat.

(Editor’s note: Those of us who remember the day Sarah went shopping for her basic kayaking kit can clearly see the inference here that a green Romany Surf boat is now very much in her shopping cart.)

We are going to be spending our weekend on the Menai Straits. The weather forecast is for windy and unsettled conditions, so Roger tells us we’ll be able to find shelter in this stretch of water. Continue reading “The Swellies: Sea Kayaking with Sarah”