One picture

Today’s post is a meditation on one picture. Sent to me by blog reader Stan Cotter. Here it is: The photograph was taken by Stan in, he thinks, 1959 or 1960 and it’s: “On what we called the Revue Field in Sefton Park. In the background is Brompton Avenue, Croxteth Road and Ullet Road, all […]

The Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee

A post from Sarah, about honey bees.  Today, me and Ronnie spent the afternoon at The Bluecoat at a ‘show and tell’ event organised by Mr Seel’s Garden about the project they’ve been doing looking at how food has been grown in Liverpool in the past, and how that could inspire current communities in Liverpool who […]

Mr Seel’s Garden

On the wall on the side of Tesco in Liverpool One shopping centre is this map of the garden that used to be there, the garden of Thomas Seel, slave trader and philanthropist. As you may know, or have read about in my 1775 and 1820 posts, in relatively recent times Liverpool was a place […]