Talking Liverpool: Welsh Streets and Homebaked

As you will have well gathered by now, I love to talk about Liverpool in all kinds of ways. The parts of the place, the theory and practice of the place, the many joys of my place, my home. So today I was up and out early for a day of Talking Liverpool. And we […]

Willing to Work? In Granby? Read this.

As you’ll know unless you’ve been living under a stone I’m more than something to do with Granby 4 Streets. But as you might well not know, until you read this, you could be too. We’re hiring, in short – and you might like to apply. Here’s the ad. ✹ Granby 4 Streets Community Land […]

This is Anfield, November 2015

On a foggy night last night I walk through the streets of Anfield. On my way to somewhere familiar, but with everywhere looking unfamiliar with the fog anyway and also because some of my usual routes are closed off for now because of this. This is the huge new stand being built at Liverpool FC’s […]

Granby 4 Streets – Open to the Future

This was another of our many big days now. First 5 Community Land Trust Houses  finished and open. And here are some of us who’ve helped this to happen: Joe Halligan, architect from Assemble, Tracey Gore of Steve Biko Housing, Lorna Mackie of the Nationwide Foundation, Eleanor Lee of Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, […]

Street Market Garden

A good, warm Street Market in Granby today. Full of friends and conversations. So I didn’t take as many photographs as I usually would, too busy talking! Anyway, here they are – minus donkey rides, as they’d already finished for the day before I ambled round with my camera. Assemble were promoting some week long […]

Liverpool Urban Renaissance

A reflection on where we are – and how it all feels at the moment, particularly in Granby. A few weeks ago I wrote emotionally on here about the how tos and joys and frustrations of urban renaissance. Of being involved in bringing new life back to places long condemned to death by the vicissitudes of […]