In Liverpool: Early May

It’s the first Saturday of the month, which means it’s the Granby 4 Streets Market. So, like a vaguely remembered folk song says: ” Early one morning in the merry month of May” I’m off to market! Into Granby. All the details of who’s involved in last week’s Granby post. Today in Cairns Street: After […]

The re-entry of vinyl into Bold Street

You can’t celebrate Liverpool’s Bold Street enough, in my opinion. I know I made a fuss of it at the Bold Street Festival last autumn, but really it’s a festival down here every day. Though Sains***y and T***o have opened outposts here in the last couple of years most of the street remains cheerfully chain […]

Inspecting Liverpool, part one

I’ve been doing this for years. No one asked me and no one thanks me, but someone’s got to do it. Check how the place is doing. So every now and then, particularly when it’s a nice day, I take my camera and my curiosity and go where my feet, and the occasional bus take […]

The Stranger in Liverpool

Where would you take a first-time visitor to Liverpool to show them the best of the city? Well if it were the early 19th Century you’d obviously reach for your trusty copy of ‘The Stranger in Liverpool’ for sound advice. This early guidebook to  the ‘Town of Liverpool and its environs’ assists me to this […]

Eleanor Rathbone of Liverpool

1872-1946 For all of my life, though she died before I was born, Eleanor Rathbone has been around me. When I got my first proper job working in Everton for the Liverpool City Housing Department, I would pass the Victoria Settlement on my way to work every day. Still going then, it had been Liverpool’s […]

Africa in the Park

At last, after two years and a rained off 2012, Africa came back to the Park. The rain overnight had been torrential so I don’t know if I might walk in on a quagmire. Today we’ll see musicians and performers from Ghana, Congo, Cape Verde and Cuba. The day is surprisingly fine, and Africa Oyé […]