December in Granby: The Street Market

The Granby 4 Streets Market is back for a one-off December special this coming Saturday, from 10:00 to 2:00ish. Theresa McDermott, who’s been one of the Market’s organisers all this year says: “Come down for lots of festive cheer – and if that doesn’t come naturally to you, we can help bring it on with […]

Homebaked – Open for business!

Early March 2018 Homebaked’s news is: “We are delighted to announce we won 3 GOLD, 3 SILVER & 2 BRONZE medals @BritishPies. Well done to all our team of staff & volunteers who have worked so hard to make this happen #morethanapie” Well done then, everyone who has ever worked in Homebaked, and looking back […]

The Friday Walks – The Welsh Streets

Friday’s walk didn’t cover too many miles, not really. But it took ten years. I’ll explain more in a bit, when we get to the Welsh Streets. Setting out on today’s urban Friday Walk, it’s a darkly autumnal day and it’s clearly going to rain. But not yet, setting off along Ullet Road. Opened in […]

Inspecting Liverpool, part two

So, continuing my Sunday walk this week. It’s a beautiful, sunny day. And having walked to the Bold Street Festival, through Granby, Canning and down the hill from Hope Street, now I’m outside St George’s Hall. I get off at Walton Lane and walk along Bullens Road to the first place I want to see. […]

Photographing ordinary things

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that, aside from our work and my life with Sarah, one of the main things I do is walk around photographing things. Sometimes extraordinary, like a magnificent landscape, a surprising wildflower or the new baby goslings on the lake. But more often I […]

Living for the City, going back to Granby

Five years ago now Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture, oh yes it was. And that year one of our proudest and most loved cultural items was the Superlambanana, a surrealistic cross between, well it’s obvious. But where has this beloved beast ended up? Read on to find out. June is here and it […]