The Anfield Home Tour

A few weeks ago we did our emotional ‘Everton and Liverpool’ Friday Walk. At the centre of this was Anfield, in the days following the release of the independent report on the truth about what happened at Hillsborough twenty three years ago. In Anfield we stood at the Hillsborough Memorial and wept, of course we […]

The Street Market

By any standards this was a good one. For three years now the people of Granby, in Liverpool 8, have been running their street markets, from April to September each year. Of the people, by the people, for the people. They fill up Cairns Street, one of the four remaining original streets of Granby with […]


A lot of the Friday Walks Sarah and I regularly take are rural, and some are determinedly urban. But some are not quite either. Sometimes we walk in the Edgelands. And these are the places this nicely contrarian book, by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts, is about. These two poets, one from Manchester, one […]

The Silence of the Streets

Update – This post is from September 2012. Today, in July 2013, Liverpool City Council decided to demolish the 440 homes in the Welsh Streets. Silenced. Oh no they’re not. As of now April 2017, they’re not demolished and work has begun. I’ve been reading, and it’s got me thinking. I don’t know why it […]

2012: Friday Walks, Everton and Liverpool

Normally on Fridays, the day we walk rather than work, we set off for coastal places. But this week, being a momentous week in the history of Liverpool, we decided to walk closer to home. In the hills of Everton, and down the valley to Anfield. I used to work up here as part of […]

Granby 4 Streets, August Market

I was at the Market this morning, doing some filming. For a film we’re making with the local women who’ve made a garden out of the 4 Streets. Here’s how Cairns Street was looking today – a high summer garden with a Street Market in the middle of it. If you want to donate any […]