Shambling About Ormskirk

Another day out during my time off working. As far as my Travel Pass will take me, to Ormskirk, twelve miles north of the City in an altogether different world.

Off the train and along Burscough Street.
It’s Market Day. As it is every Thursday and every Saturday.

In fact there’s been a market here since the local monks were granted a Royal Charter to run one in 1286 by King Edward 1. (Who was also known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots’ and he battered the Welsh too. But in between brutalities was obviously keen on a bit of light shopping.) Continue reading “Shambling About Ormskirk”

Places matter: Ormr’s Kirk

As Liverpool City does its best to mess up Great Homer Street Market, we visit somewhere not very far away that’s been successfully organising itself around its own street market for nearly 730 years.

About fifteen miles away from home, north of us on the Lancashire plain, is Ormskirk. Our destination for today’s day out, as we continue our regular practices of checking on the well-being of the towns around Liverpool that so enrich our lives, and of course living every day like it matters!

We get the train from Liverpool Central.
We get the train from Liverpool Central.

Yes, Sarah’s with me today. I don’t do selfies.

And soon arrive.
We soon arrive.
It's Saturday morning and the market's in full swing.
It’s Saturday morning and the market’s in full swing.

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Liverpool Food and Drink Festival? No

I wrote this back in 2013. Three years later, despite my opposition, the Festival’s going from strength to strength. Loathsome, élitist and in all ways objectionable. Can we all collectively just make it stop?

As anyone who’s read this blog for any amount of time will know, I love Sefton Park. I run through it most days and love going to any special events held there, like Africa Oyé and then the Liverpool International Music Festival a couple of weeks ago. At these times it’s lovely to see the Park being so central to the city’s culture and so celebrated by so many people.

But this weekend the biggest field in the park is being turned into a shopping mall for the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and I won’t be going.Food And Drink1

The fences are already up all round the ‘festival’ site. To protect the investment. Continue reading “Liverpool Food and Drink Festival? No”