“Here’s to strong women”

I don’t know who took this photograph but thank you. It’s of my daughter Clare, with her elder son Theo on her shoulders and her daughter Ellie by her side. Another photo turns up together with it early this Saturday afternoon, of Clare’s whole family, taken by my friend Patricia Levey-Bennett. Here is what they […]

Caledonia: Liverpool

In the pub after the second ever showing of ‘Without These Walls’ It’s on Catharine Street, The Caledonia, and has always been there. A good basic pub that went through a few years where it tried out being a launderette too. Not now. These days it’s independently run, does great food, great music and positively […]

“I Am Haunted by Waters”

A guest post today by my friend Patricia Levey-Bennett who, as you’ll see, is a great photographer. ✹ We decided to have a day out last weekend. We being me and Gaz, my boyfriend. There is only one specific requirement for our days out, and that’s to be near water. Everywhere I go to walk, or […]