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Granby Street Market, September 2017

The great L8 Street Market is well into its eighth year now but I haven’t been around Granby or anywhere else much recently, so it was good to step out on a fine September morning and arrive at Granby again.

The Market runs pretty much all year now on the first Saturday of every month.

And since last year has run on Granby Street itself, the road being closed for it.

The market has grown and thrived in the extra space.

A real mixture of stalls here. All kinds of food, art, crafts, bike repairs, general interestingness and some they sum up as ‘car booty-ness.’

But best of all loads of people and the place itself. I was involved here for many years of course and it’s great to be back among friends again. Conversations flowing easily in the morning sun. Continue reading

Summertime in Anfield: with Ninjas

A perfect warm and sunny day in July for a day out in Anfield. A place where we’ll be spending a lot of our time soon as me and Jayne Lawless of Coming Home Liverpool go on site with our next 18 houses. Today though is a day of rest, much talk and some play.

Into Stanley Park.

A wedding about to take place. Perfect day for it.

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A Choir With No Name kind of day

The Choir With No Name.

The Choir With No Name.

We’ll get to the Choir later, but my day out begins up on the Flyover.DSC05561 DSC05562 DSC05565 DSC05567 All summer the Friends of the Flyover next to the Mersey Tunnel have been taking it over for a series of Sunday events. Aimed at getting all of our opinions on a future where the Flyover is less regularly used by cars and more regularly for all sorts of interesting events. Continue reading

Street Market: June 2016

DSC03346A lovely Street Market today in Granby. The second I’ve been to since we moved it out onto Granby Street. Loads of new people, over 70 stalls and a complete joy.

I spent the whole day talking to everyone I could and so took very few pictures. But here are some.

Walking along Granby Street.

Walking along Granby Street.

To the Princes Avenue end.

To the Princes Avenue end.

Beatlife, the market's traditional callers-on.

Beatlife, the market’s traditional callers-on.

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