Liverpool Pubs: A Personal Selection

Now in late August 2015 comes the news that the very seriously great Roscoe Head, featured below is in some danger. Therefore the people of Liverpool, including me of course, are gearing up to get it declared a community asset and then move towards some sort of buyout, along with the family who’ve ben running […]

Opera for Chinatown and Bold Street

This is hardly news. It’s all been there since last year, but I only noticed it yesterday as my south-end bus was diverted up Duke Street.Getting off the bus you don’t see it yet. This is ‘The Opera for Chinatown.’ It has been put together by ‘The Sound Agents’ and was part of a group […]

Housing in Liverpool, and me: 1975-1981

Some more memories of my early days in housing, following my¬†experiences in Liverpool City Council earlier in the 70s. More like a campaign than working. So it’s late 1975 and I’ve finally managed to talk my way into Liverpool Housing Trust. I’m still at University, but my sociology degree isn’t taking up all of my […]