Liverpool Autumnal

A very long circular walk in autumn. Including a great number of beautiful leaves, Boaty MacBoatface being built, finding out the price of a pair of jeans and an update on progress at ┬áThe Welsh Streets. Good value I’d say. When I set off walking on this day, the last Sunday in October 2016, I […]

The Welsh Streets: On Site Soon

Yesterday evening I went to a gathering at Toxteth Town Hall. It was good humoured, relaxed, positive and felt very much like a new beginning, at last, for the Welsh Streets. There’s still a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but several hundred empty homes here look like they won’t […]

Talking Liverpool: Welsh Streets and Homebaked

As you will have well gathered by now, I love to talk about Liverpool in all kinds of ways. The parts of the place, the theory and practice of the place, the many joys of my place, my home. So today I was up and out early for a day of Talking Liverpool. And we […]