It’s Liverpool 1969: Growing Up In Granby

A while back something precious arrived in the post in Granby from Nick Hedges. A CD full of photographs he’d taken in 1969 and soon after of life in Granby and around Liverpool 8 in those years. He said we could make whatever use of them we thought best, so I’m going to use a […]

Talking Liverpool: Welsh Streets and Homebaked

As you will have well gathered by now, I love to talk about Liverpool in all kinds of ways. The parts of the place, the theory and practice of the place, the many joys of my place, my home. So today I was up and out early for a day of Talking Liverpool. And we […]

The House

Our house is being decorated at the moment and so there’s scaffolding up. Providing an unexpectedly good opportunity for an objective look at and reflect on the place I’ve lived in for longer than any other. As part of this reflecting I’m spending a good amount of time out on the scaffolding. Idly talking with […]

The Return of the Private Landlords

Updated 24th April 2015, originally published August 2014. Look out, they’re coming for the houses and the futures of your children! Having been thought more or less extinct, particularly in some parts of the north Private Landlords are now increasingly being spotted once again roaming the land, freely and rapaciously. Their supporters and apologists, and […]