Walking in Liverpool: Early Autumn

Now the heat of high summer has gently cooled these are perfect days for me, walking in early Autumn. One of the best views in Liverpool. From The Florrie, across the river to New Ferry, then across Wirral and the Dee to the hills of Wales. Beautiful. Art in Liverpool.com have this to say about […]

Peaceful Warrior at Red Brick Vintage

I didn’t take many photos at Peaceful Warrior on Thursday night as I spent so much time standing up with my mouth open, but fortunately Liverpool photographer Jane MacNeil was also there and has kindly sent me some of her photos, now added and credited. First, getting things ready. Amy and Rosanna from the ‘Old Hardware Shop’ […]

Without These Walls: Peaceful Warrior

Announcing only the third ever showing of ‘Without These Walls’ the Jayne Lawless and Janet Brandon film, taking place at Red Brick Vintage at 6:00 in the evening on Thursday September 8th. It’s no ordinary film and it’ll be no ordinary event. At Red Brick Vintage – Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE, Thursday 8th September. Here’s […]

It’s Liverpool: 23rd July 2016

One day around and about Liverpool. Meeting friends, listening to music, appreciating the place. Always a pleasure. Quiet conversations, cups of tea in elegant china and always a photographic treat. With music to follow! Next it’s the 26 bus from the Baltic out to Sefton Park, where the Liverpool International Music Festival is having its […]

You must remember this…

These are the strangest of days and yet the most straightforward. Days I don’t want to be on my own, reading a bewildered Twitterfeed. Or listening to ‘life is still comfy and all about us and the headliners’ reports from Glastonbury. Democracy with all its random chance has happened and I need the company of […]

Red Brick Vintage: A Treasure House of Possibilities

Not many words in this one. Just a load of pictures of somewhere wonderful. Somewhere that’s been here in Liverpool for ages, but is now being put to several new uses, with more to come. But as we’ve been walking and talking, we first need a sit and a drink. Then it’s time for Red […]