The re-entry of vinyl into Bold Street

You can’t celebrate Liverpool’s Bold Street enough, in my opinion. I know I made a fuss of it at the Bold Street Festival last autumn, but really it’s a festival down here every day.

Bold Street, the independent heart of Liverpool.
Bold Street, the independent heart of Liverpool.

Though Sains***y and T***o have opened outposts here in the last couple of years most of the street remains cheerfully chain free and I can quite happily say I’ve ‘Been to town’ when in fact I’ve only been to Bold Street and a couple of the streets just off it.

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Places matter: Ormr’s Kirk

As Liverpool City does its best to mess up Great Homer Street Market, we visit somewhere not very far away that’s been successfully organising itself around its own street market for nearly 730 years.

About fifteen miles away from home, north of us on the Lancashire plain, is Ormskirk. Our destination for today’s day out, as we continue our regular practices of checking on the well-being of the towns around Liverpool that so enrich our lives, and of course living every day like it matters!

We get the train from Liverpool Central.
We get the train from Liverpool Central.

Yes, Sarah’s with me today. I don’t do selfies.

And soon arrive.
We soon arrive.
It's Saturday morning and the market's in full swing.
It’s Saturday morning and the market’s in full swing.

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The beauty of lists

I love a good list and am a sucker for articles and blog posts about ‘7 things to do this weekend’ or ’10 things we learned from…’DSC05872

So imagine my delight when I started reading this list on SevenStreets called ’33 things we love about Liverpool right now.’ Some of the stuff I knew about and agreed with. Some I didn’t and knew I would explore further. I was delighted to see our friend Andrew Hubbard of PostCode Honey on the list. And then shaken but delighted to find we were on it too.

“A Sense of Place

Still our favourite Liverpool blog – for its wide-eyed (and open-hearted) explorations of the place we call home. If you’ve not spent time with Sarah Horton and Ronnie Hughes’ postings and pictures, honestly, you’re in for a treat. Exquisitely done.”

Well, thank you SevenStreets. We love doing this, it’s lovely to be appreciated and, obviously, we couldn’t resist putting it on our blog somewhere.

But also, in the spirit of your original list, we thought we’d add to it. So here it is then:

‘Sixteen more things to love about Liverpool right now.’

Onion, Aigburth Road

Onion, Aigburth Road
Onion, Aigburth Road

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The Stranger in Liverpool

Where would you take a first-time visitor to Liverpool to show them the best of the city? Well if it were the early 19th Century you’d obviously reach for your trusty copy of ‘The Stranger in Liverpool’ for sound advice. This early guidebook to  the ‘Town of Liverpool and its environs’ assists me to this day whenever I walk round the place pretending it’s some long gone time.

My 1820 edition of 'The Stranger in Liverpool'
My 1820 edition of ‘The Stranger in Liverpool’

For our visitor over these past few days, though, her principal guide while putting together what she’d like to explore, had been this very blog. Mandy Cheetham from Perth in Western Australia is a friend who has been reading the blog regularly since it started and therefore had  reassuringly opinionated ideas about what she wanted to see before she got here. So Sarah put together a map which omitted much of what most people come here for, and an itinerary of depth and taste. And off we set.

Mandy's map and itinerary, put together by Sarah.
Mandy’s map and itinerary, put together by Sarah.

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Thank you for the days

Back in Liverpool now, Saturday dawns sunny and we have our second joint run of the week.

Running round the lake we see all seven cygnets and both remaining goslings (yes, down to two as of a week or so ago) with their parents, all well. No photos of course, we were running after all. (See Sunday update at the end of this post.)

Then early afternoon Sarah wants to go to town for various ‘bits’ and me and the camera come along too.The Days01

We catch the 86 bus outside Antwakki's Bazaar down on Smithdown Road.
We catch the 86 bus outside Antwakki’s Bazzar down on Smithdown Road.

Now from here to town we’ll recreate one of Liverpool’s greatest pieces of cultural heritage, Continue reading “Thank you for the days”