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In the City there’s a thousand things I want to say to you

After time alone and in silence it’s late Saturday morning and time to step out into the City. To tell you a few things and to take some photographs.

Out of the house and across The Mystery.

Through the gates onto Fir Lane.

And round to the bus stop to catch the 79 into town.

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Opera for Chinatown and Bold Street

This is hardly news. It’s all been there since last year, but I only noticed it yesterday as my south-end bus was diverted up Duke Street.China Town01Getting off the bus you don’t see it yet.

You see China Town's grand entrance arc at the top of Nelson Street.

You see Chinatown’s grand entrance arc at the top of Nelson Street.

Then turning down duke Street?

Then turning down Duke Street?

Nothing yet.

Nothing yet.

But half way down.

But half way down…

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The re-entry of vinyl into Bold Street

You can’t celebrate Liverpool’s Bold Street enough, in my opinion. I know I made a fuss of it at the Bold Street Festival last autumn, but really it’s a festival down here every day.

Bold Street, the independent heart of Liverpool.

Bold Street, the independent heart of Liverpool.

Though Sains***y and T***o have opened outposts here in the last couple of years most of the street remains cheerfully chain free and I can quite happily say I’ve ‘Been to town’ when in fact I’ve only been to Bold Street and a couple of the streets just off it.

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Places matter: Ormr’s Kirk

As Liverpool City does its best to mess up Great Homer Street Market, we visit somewhere not very far away that’s been successfully organising itself around its own street market for nearly 730 years.

About fifteen miles away from home, north of us on the Lancashire plain, is Ormskirk. Our destination for today’s day out, as we continue our regular practices of checking on the well-being of the towns around Liverpool that so enrich our lives, and of course living every day like it matters!

We get the train from Liverpool Central.

We get the train from Liverpool Central.

Yes, Sarah’s with me today. I don’t do selfies.

And soon arrive.

We soon arrive.

It's Saturday morning and the market's in full swing.

It’s Saturday morning and the market’s in full swing.

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Independent Liverpool

Here is your first guide to 2014. Photographs, in more or less the order they were taken, of Independent Liverpool. Cafés, shops, artists, musicians, pubs, streets, bakeries, restaurants, enterprises, wine bars, street markets and even supermarkets. Every last one of them, though, an independent. So a celebration of what makes Liverpool (and Wirral) so special. Along with us lot, the people of Liverpool, these are the life-blood of the place.

Mind you, because they’re independent they’ll mostly be off today, New Year’s Day, just like you probably are. Not driven to service the endless greed of the corporate shareholders. But the rest of the year these are just some of the Liverpool Independents who make our place so special. And remember, the money you spend with all of these stays here.

Independent Liverpool. Idea of the Year, 2013.

Specially big thanks to Independent Liverpool  for all your work promoting Liverpool’s independent sector in the past year.

And I’m not going to do titles and directions to them all. If you’re from Liverpool or Wirral you’ll probably know where most of them are. If you don’t, just ask me. Continue reading

The beauty of lists

I love a good list and am a sucker for articles and blog posts about ‘7 things to do this weekend’ or ’10 things we learned from…’DSC05872

So imagine my delight when I started reading this list on SevenStreets called ’33 things we love about Liverpool right now.’ Some of the stuff I knew about and agreed with. Some I didn’t and knew I would explore further. I was delighted to see our friend Andrew Hubbard of PostCode Honey on the list. And then shaken but delighted to find we were on it too.

“A Sense of Place

Still our favourite Liverpool blog – for its wide-eyed (and open-hearted) explorations of the place we call home. If you’ve not spent time with Sarah Horton and Ronnie Hughes’ postings and pictures, honestly, you’re in for a treat. Exquisitely done.”

Well, thank you SevenStreets. We love doing this, it’s lovely to be appreciated and, obviously, we couldn’t resist putting it on our blog somewhere.

But also, in the spirit of your original list, we thought we’d add to it. So here it is then:

‘Sixteen more things to love about Liverpool right now.’

Onion, Aigburth Road

Onion, Aigburth Road

Onion, Aigburth Road

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Something for the weekend? Bold Street One World Festival

On Sunday this weekend in Liverpool there’ll be an inclusive festival full of food and fun and welcome and well-being that’s free to get into. Free because it’s on the street, one of the finest and best beloved of all of our streets, Bold Street.

Bold Street, the heart of Liverpool.

Bold Street, the heart of Liverpool.

What a contrast to the nonsense of a couple of weeks ago when people were charged an entrance fee to get into one of our own parks, at the ludicrous ‘Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.’

At the ‘Bold Street One World Festival’ there’ll be all manner of street entertainment plus, get this, all these local food and drink places for you to explore – for only the price of whatever you eat and drink. Continue reading