Walking to The Egg

A work meeting for 11:30 in the morning is called off because someone’s sick (get well soon Ann Marie x). So what to do? Shall I fill in the time before my next appointment at 2 in the afternoon with other work or shall I go for a walk in the early spring sunshine? Easy choice, […]

Liverpool Pubs: A Personal Selection

Now in late August 2015 comes the news that the very seriously great Roscoe Head, featured below is in some danger. Therefore the people of Liverpool, including me of course, are gearing up to get it declared a community asset and then move towards some sort of buyout, along with the family who’ve ben running […]

Observing Liverpool

Another fine day, though not as Spring-like as on yesterday’s Friday Walk with Sarah. but a good day for walking, which I did, from mid-day ’til about 6 o’clock. All around the south end and the centre of Liverpool. There was a vague theme to the walk. I’m working on one or possibly two blog […]