Alone in Silence

Sarah has gone away, sea kayaking this time, and I’m alone again. Not lonely though. I find I rarely get lonely. Which is just as well as I find myself alone a lot. Usually I’m alone here in this peaceful house. This house where I’ve lived for twenty six years, the longest I’ve ever lived […]

Running Free: An opinionated guide to urban running

When I started my ‘Running Free’ series of posts I thought they would be, well, a series. Like The Friday Walks, only running. This has proved to be not so, and I’ve been wondering why? Most obviously it’s because running is a hard one to capture, especially if you like to run an illustrated blog, […]

Running Free: Where’s the water?

This is not a new running route, you’ll have done this one before (you are keeping up aren’t you?). But it’s a real favourite of mine. I call it the Otterspool 10k, a rough estimate, but Sarah agrees with me and she’s done enough 10k’s to know. Out of our house on a misty November […]

Running free: Lost Liverpool

First in a new occasional series from Ronnie. Running, who’d have thought it? I love running. A simple enough sentence, you might think? But not one I’d have been able to write for most of my life. I couldn’t see the point. There they’d go. Trundle, trundle, round the outside of Sefton Park. And the […]