Life’s too short

So it’s a new year and as everybody gets moving again there’s the usual talk of how determined people are to make this one different. Resolutions about personal change, ‘this is finally the year when…’, future goals being resolutely set. A world full of determination to make the best out of difficult times. ‘Determination’ – […]

A perfect day

One of the most read posts on the blog this year has been ‘Busy doing nothing.’ Written on  a balmy early summer’s day, this celebrated one of the great joys of self-employment. The freedom to do nothing, if all else is well, and if you feel like it. Today was another such day. Not balmy […]

Running Free: Where’s the water?

This is not a new running route, you’ll have done this one before (you are keeping up aren’t you?). But it’s a real favourite of mine. I call it the Otterspool 10k, a rough estimate, but Sarah agrees with me and she’s done enough 10k’s to know. Out of our house on a misty November […]

It’s Liverpool, in 1953

I’ve mentioned my collection of Liverpool books before, and I thought today we’d take a close look at one in particular. And the one I want to look at is the ‘Liverpool Official Handbook For Visitors’ From 1953 – 1954. Produced not long before I was born, most of this looks like a guide book […]