One picture

Today’s post is a meditation on one picture. Sent to me by blog reader Stan Cotter. Here it is: The photograph was taken by Stan in, he thinks, 1959 or 1960 and it’s: “On what we called the Revue Field in Sefton Park. In the background is Brompton Avenue, Croxteth Road and Ullet Road, all […]

Walking with Greg: The Dockers’ Steps in Springtime

A further seasonal instalment in our ‘Walking with Greg’ series. A day off working, to walk around with a friend in the Springtime sunshine. Well, it was sunny some of the time. Sarah won’t be coming out with us as she’s running a Ceremony for someone later today. So we’re soon off along Penny Lane […]


Catching up on things in and around our world, the evolving story of life. Is it another cold Spring, or a late Winter? Hard to tell, but the light’s increasing by the day, so the crocuses are out, the blossoms are beginning, and therefore I think it’s fair to say that, on balance, it’s Spring. […]

Into the winter gardens

Amidst the shock and outrage at the fact that it has snowed, in January, in Northern Europe, it’s all too easy to miss its beauty. The way it makes everywhere look different. And makes us see everyday objects differently. Especially in the gardens and parks in the few miles round where we live. This piece […]

Life’s too short

So it’s a new year and as everybody gets moving again there’s the usual talk of how determined people are to make this one different. Resolutions about personal change, ‘this is finally the year when…’, future goals being resolutely set. A world full of determination to make the best out of difficult times. ‘Determination’ – […]

A perfect day

One of the most read posts on the blog this year has been ‘Busy doing nothing.’ Written on  a balmy early summer’s day, this celebrated one of the great joys of self-employment. The freedom to do nothing, if all else is well, and if you feel like it. Today was another such day. Not balmy […]